University of Oxford

Pathway tutor  (Jul 16 – Feb 18). MSc in Education (Research Design and Methodology Pathway), Foundations of Education Research (breakout sessions): Introduction to quantitative research, introduction to qualitative research, research ethics, sampling, rigour in research, observations, experiments and quasi-experiments, case studies, surveys, and interviews.

Unit Lectuter (May  2018). Multilevel modelling in R

Unit Lecturer (Feb 2016-17). MSc International Large-Scale Assessments (jointly with Jenny Lenkeit).

Unit Lecturer (May 2016). PhD/MSc Structural Equation Modelling in R and Mplus (one-day course jointly with Lars Malmberg).

Unit Lecturer (May 2016). PhD/MSc Multilevel Modelling in SPSS, R and Mplus (one-day course jointly with Lars Malmberg and Lorena Ortega).

Unit Lecturer (May 2016, May 2015, Jan 2015, May 2013). PhD/MSc Introduction to R for the Analysis of Educational Data (one-day course).

Unit Lecturer (June 2015). PhD/MSc Frequentist and Bayesian Analysis of International Assessments in R (four-day course jointly with David Kaplan).

Unit Lecturer (May 2015, Mar 14). PhD/MSc Multilevel Modelling in Educational Research (one-day course jointly with Lars Malmberg).

Selected workshops

University of Dortmund (Aug 2018). Handling missing data in R

DfE, London (Jul 2018). R workshop for the analysis of PIRLS data

GRADE, Lima (Jul 17). Analysis of international assessment data in R

MoE, Tegucigalpa (Jun 17). OECD/IDB PISA-D workshop: Tools for the analysis of international assessment data (5 days)

MoE, Lima (Sep 16). Longitudinal modelling for differential educational effectiveness analysis

OECD, Paris (Dec 14). Analysing international assessment data using R

EARLI SIG Educational Effectiveness, Southampton (Aug 14). Analysing international large-scale assessment data with R

EERA Spring School, Oslo (May 14). Introduction to R

AERA 2014, Philadelphia (Mar 14). Using the R package ‘intsvy’ for analysing international assessment data

AEA Europe Conference, Paris (Nov 13). Using the R package ‘intsvy’ for analysing international assessment data

CIES, Montreal (May 11). Multilevel modelling with ICCS data

AERA, Denver (May 10). Analysing IEA data with the IDB Analyzer