Consulting services

I offer consulting services at different stages of research projects:

Capacity building

I offer trainings in quantitative methods: statistical analysis and programming in R, multilevel modelling, structural equation modelling, and causal inference techniques (eg. regression discontinuity, instrumental variables, propensity score matching, differences-in-differences, causal mediation) at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels. Applied examples with datasets of your choice will be used.

Survey development

Together with your team, I will contribute to developing surveys that address your research questions. I have experience designing online and paper-and-pencil surveys, particularly in educational settings and administered to students, parents, teachers, and head-teachers. Conceptually, I have worked with theoretical models underpinning survey items related to family socio-economic background, student learning strategies, student preparation strategies and resources for high-stakes exams, teaching pedagogical practices, and school climate variables.

Data analysis

I will use advanced modeling techniques (eg. machine learning, SEM, IRT, MLM) to transform your data into valuable knowledge for decision making.  Visualisation tools will facilitate access to findings to non-expert users.

Policy reports

I will produce reports that communicate your findings to policy and lay audiences (see blogs). I have worked for a number of national (eg. MoE Peru, Ofqual) and international organisations (eg. World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, OECD, IEA, and the Open Society Foundations).  I have developed analytical approaches to investigate equity and effectiveness of education systems that can be applied to your contexts, either by designing new studies or by analysing your data.


I will design ad-hoc dissemination strategies for your target audience, including developing and managing twitter accounts, facebook groups, blogs, seminars, webinars, factsheets, and wikipedia entries.