Consulting projects

Ongoing projects

Equity and efficiency in the allocation of teachers to schools in Africa

Funder: UNICEF

The project uses EMIS school-level data to produce equity and efficiency indicators and develop a cross-country report on teacher allocation in collaboration with Pôle de Dakar and Global Partnership for Education.

Equity of schooling outcomes in Armenia

Funder: Open Society Foundations

The project investigates with TIMSS and national survey data equity in schooling outcomes in Armenia.

Recent projects

Impact of GCSE exam structures on outcomes and attainment gaps

Funder: Oxford-Ofqual

The project investigates with exam board and NPD matched data the effect of linear and modular exam structures on GCSE/A-level outcomes and GCSE attainment gaps related to SES and gender.

Equity and effectiveness in educational outcomes in Algeria

Funder: World Bank

The project investigates equity and effectiveness in schooling outcomes in Algeria with PISA 2015 data.

Differential school effectiveness in Peru

Funder: World Bank-MoE Peru

The project investigated equity and effectiveness in schooling outcomes in Peru with longitudinal national representative data.

Capacity building for PISA-D

Funder: Inter-American Development Bank

The five-day workshop provided tools for the analysis of PISA-D data.